Why not wear watches worth tens of billions of Shaw ?

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January 7 , Hong Kong entertainment tycoon Shaw died at the age of 107 years old. Shaw alive single-handedly created a huge entertainment empire , with ten billion worth he had ” taught ” subordinates : “In fact , doing a book, a pen, a watch is enough .” , But never in public reflected worn watches. Shaw exactly why not wear Replica Watches UK it?

Once read an article “Do not wear watches for men and women do not wear stockings ,” men do not wear watches so some very interesting description :

‘ve Seen some people say in the newspaper : “Even men are not wearing the watch , but also what cares … ” means this man is not worth intercourse , perhaps a bit radical , but how much or little reason. Since the advent of the Rolex Replica watches from the decorative function of time has been more than watch , watches and men ‘s manners are always connected as one , a man is not happy just to even wear a watch , there is something what people will care about what he cares ? Of course, some people wear watches men might say to refute an artist , do not like to be bound by time , but maybe Shaw is one such film artists .

Before death is still active in social occasions Shaw , empty suit but still wrists . Some people say that perhaps Shaw older, wear watches too convenient. Also, lived hundred years old , naturally unwilling to be cool Breitling Replica watches bundle. It was also said that he was too old , and no longer care about the time . In any case, Shaw is not worthy men love Fake Watches.

Time to catch people were walking will produce pressure does not become calm and quiet, and calm and calm life lost , to lose the flavor of life. People do not like slow , but does not like the Benedictine long, clear sky attitude towards everything , not despite , but not an obsession , there is the need to balance wisdom .

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