Black Dials Replica Rolex Explorer II Watches

The Custom Top Swiss Fake Rolex Watches Is For The Chrome Hearts Stans

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We’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re loving the custom best US Rolex replica watches game right now. Names like MAD Paris have brought new life to the scene, legitimizing the art form. And it really is an art form when it’s done well. We’re not talking in-your-face, buss-down wrist pieces, we’re talking about creative subversions of some of the world’s most lauded accessories.

Take Jacquie Aiche, for example, whose custom high quality Rolex fake watches have been on our radar for some time now. Beautiful, marbled dials and baguette-cut diamond markings distinguish the jeweler’s work as some of the best out there.

On level pegging, but with a very different style, is MAD Paris. You’ve probably seen the brand’s work with Audemars Piguet, having collaborated with 1017 ALYX 9SM and Casablanca to dominate IG feeds. Recently, our attention was ripped from the chromed dial of the MAD Paris Royal Oak and fixed firmly on the unofficial Chrome Hearts perfect replica Rolex Explorer II watches.

The MAD Paris Customized cheap copy Rolex Lys Explorer II Watches has nothing to do with the cult jewelry brand, but the Fleur de Lis markings that decorate the bracelet are undeniably recognizable. It’s not the first time that Chrome Hearts has been in the vicinity of custom luxury replica watches, either, with Drake, Lil’ Baby, and Bennifer bringing the brand to the fore earlier this year.

While the embellished case and bracelet definitely steal the show, we’re also loving the contrast with the fixed black bezel and matching black dial. The two black fixtures set the backdrop for a bold orange hand that mirrors the super clone Rolex Explorer II watches wholesale online text. You can bag this statement timepiece for yourself at SSENSE below, and it’ll only set you back $30225…