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— Speake-Marin introduces the Magister Tourbillon Cheap UK Replica Watches, a timepiece featuring a hand-finished 60-second tourbillon powered by an automatic winding movement with platinum micro-rotor.

Dial of Speake- Marin's Magister Tourbillon

Magister Tourbillon brings together everything that is quintessentially Speak-Marin: a tourbillon, sculpted heat-blued hands, the Piccadilly case, fluted crown and finely finished movement, here featuring a platinum micro-rotor.

The tourbillon has always played an important role in the story of Speake-Marin. The Cheap Rolex Replica watchmaker’s topping tool wheel motif in the Speake-Marin logo is visible in the tourbillon cage of the Magister Tourbillon.

Peter Speake-Marin recognises the tourbillon’s capacity to improve timekeeping accuracy. However, it is the visual aspect of this mesmerising escapement that draws him to it.

“The tourbillon is one of the things that I love most about Omega Replica watchmaking,” he says. “Not because of the precision it gives to the timekeeping, but because of the animation it gives to the dial. It shows time moving in a way that a minute-repeater or a grande sonnerie, for example, won’t offer. It’s something which, for me, is extremely profound.”

Speake-Marin's Magister Tourbillon

Magister Tourbillon
© Speake-Marin Swiss Cheap Replica Watches

Of the topping tool wheel design for the tourbillon cage, Peter adds: “I have always been attracted to the topping tool because of its form. You use a tool to make a component, you make a timepiece, and the timepiece is a dream turned into reality. The topping tool motif is very much at the root of everything I do: It is the tool which gives me the means to realise my dream.”

The hand-finished tourbillon rotating at 6 o’clock is framed by its stainless steel guard. The highly polished tourbillon bridge is made from Durnico maraging steel, chosen for its superior strength.

The polished, sculpted blued steel hands – including a heart-shaped hour hand – are set off by the elegant white lacquer, multi-level dial. The sides of the Roman numerals taper towards the centre and follow the line of the hands. This subtle detail endows the dial with a contemporary feel.

The tourbillon – its one-minute rotation providing an intuitive indication of the passing seconds – contrasts against the pristine white dial. The “3Hz” frequency of the SM3 movement and the “platinum mass” of the winding rotor are referenced in the centre of the dial.

Speake-Marin Magister Tourbillon, back

Magister Tourbillon, back
© Speake-Marin

The titanium Piccadilly case features Speake-Marin’s signature fluted crown. The polished bezel frames the dial, just as the polished guard in the dial around the escapement frames the tourbillon.

The movement of the Magister Tourbillon featuring hand-finishing is visible through the display back. On top of the offset mainspring barrel is the noble platinum micro-rotor.

The lower tourbillon cage is supported by a striking paddle-shaped bridge offering clear visual access to the surrounding gears below. The rhodium-finished German silver bridges and movement plates are circular-grained with polished screw heads and countersinks. Technical details are engraved and gilded on the bridges either side of the platinum rotor.

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