Russell Westbrook And Black Leather Strap Replica Zenith Watches

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As the world’s top watchmaker, Zenith officially announced that Russell Westbrook become the new image ambassador. As a new generation of active league superstar, he has three degrees in the NBA all-star game. The pursuit of excellence, technology advanced and unique style of Westbrook, with real power brand orthodox process and fearless spirit and perfectly fit the value concept of mental and physical pleasure.

Russell Westbrook And Black Leather Strap Replica Zenith

“The love of basketball and dedication let me try to surpass ourselves and reach new heights, I think this is the real power at the same place, and I,” Westbrook said: “The orange second hand replica Zenith has a long history and brilliant achievements, and that I can become the partner of Zenith, I feel honored. Its idea and surging passion, this is the foundation of all great cooperation.”

Russell Westbrook And orange second hand Replica Zenith

For the cooperation, the President of Zenith, Jean Frederic Dufour said: “From the emergence of the brand, the Zenith has always been a brave man beside the most reliable partner, with different areas of the celebrity initiative. Westbrook is a real basketball genius, for him, we are delighted to discover the uphold philosophy of Zenith, that is always walk in the forefront, the pursuit of innovation.”