Party season to play the hand, “wrist” social themes watch inventory

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2013 draws to a close, various annual meetings, parties have come, but also a year of social season. Charity, crazy, personality, retro …… distinguish between different types of party nature, ready to seize the appropriate social Replica Watches UK, so as to be prepared for.

Formal, solemn prom dress based social occasions, fake watches should choose a simple, capable of watches, both in the design of the dial or strap, as much as possible not to choose too complicated design, the more you stand to make more concise ; relatively solemn occasion, it can be relaxing and enjoyable exchange meeting, also on the watch dial with a simple design based, or choose the watch when the two functions to facilitate meetings between the two places to know the time, but note that the dial is not too fancy; relaxed moment of time, and it is friends Happy Hour, to participate in this gathering together people who are already familiar with each of the comparison. So choose watches should not be too exaggerated, but not too formal, all the comfort-oriented …… 2013 social season can perfect debut, to see your social hand “wrist” of the.

Retro Party: Van Cleef & Arpels watches legendary dance

Van Cleef & Arpels Paris, France and the continuation of traditional dance, dance in the 20th century for inspiration, launched by 4 consisting of rare new watch senior watch series Bals de Légende. Each watch is the combination of an unforgettable night. The magnificent Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Paris, light red wine green, Venice romantic elegance, Bal du Palais d’Hiver watch on New York’s riotous …… figure it is decorated with mother of pearl, the complex features 24-hour poetic ™ machine core, the time between the pink gold dial superficial.

Charity Party: LV time spinner charitable funds

Louis Vuitton ( Louis Vuitton ) fourth consecutive year to participate in “Only Watch” charity auction , donated a unique and special time spinner Tambour yacht race countdown meter (Tambour Spin Time Regatta) for bidding; the past three. ” Only Watch “project, this time the Swiss Replica Watches is still the PaulPettavino hand in hand with the Louis Vuitton design. Paul Pettavino this changed in the past chosen orange theme, switch to blue and red two-tone color dominated; all the details of the design, such as hand-carved 18K gold enamel sailing, as well as watch box Damier canvas patterns and other elements, and are selected by Paul Pettavino Design.

Crazy Party: Christophe Claret Baccara Casino Watch

Have to admire the independent tabulation Christophe Claret whimsy, Baccara watch precious case of naturally hidden in a veritable mini-casino. Rolex replica Watch not only equipped with conventional timepiece features (midnight show), but also with a refreshingly complex functions: baccarat, roulette and dice games, and more with sensory and sound effects.

Relies on sophisticated Christophe Claret movement, bookmakers and Player cards have two sides have 252 kinds of different permutations and combinations, a total of 63,504 different possible game. Under detail, in bookmakers and free home is not always draw a third card, the game a total of 24,774 different possible. On the statistical analysis of the results, the Player has 29,731 times the chance of winning, which is 46.82% probability of winning. Dealer has 28,039 times the chance of winning, which is 44.15% probability of winning. Makers and Player have the opportunity to up to 5,734 times and Council, namely 9.03%. 2:00 position through the side window with views of timekeeping mechanism hammers and gongs church.

Top Party: Hublot Big Bang Ferrari limited edition

Top party needs is a limited edition fake watches. Strictly speaking Hublot Big Bang Hublot Ferrari magic gold is just one of the many wonderful works, but the depth of cooperation and the launch of the Ferrari color, texture and so fascinating that it has reason to enter the top ten topics. Big Bang Ferrari have greater case (diameter 45.5 mm), watch every detail of the design and production of DNA are adhering to the basic principles of Hublot and Ferrari have in common: sports , performance and technology. Entire gold watch no useless parts. 9 o’clock position of the dial relief legendary Prancing Horse logo, minute counter at 3 o’clock in the yellow pane, and displays the date, pointer and scale design inspired by Ferrari’s dashboard. The flagship of the magic gold watch is the Hublot factory recently introduced a scratch performance with 18K gold.

“Tyrant” party: Omega “Speedmaster” enamel gold watch

“Tyrant”, sometimes a high-end fashion symbol. Gold watch as a noble accessories, has become the emblem of the elite men, suggesting its owners with incentives and even far beyond the inner material itself. Omega “Speedmaster” series of limited edition gold enamel dial watch , even the most formal occasions, wear it very appropriate, timely and also added to a youth-oriented people smell. The only use of the moon over the Replica Watches UK has chronograph and tachometer function, with the elegant alligator strap after they have become quite dynamic dress form.

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