Christophe Claret Margot and Maestoso

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— Christophe Claret will unveil two new models at Baselworld 2014, including its first complication Replica Watches UK for ladies. First photos.

Maestoso © Christophe Claret

Ladies first. Not much has been revealed about Margot, Christophe Claret’s first ladies’ complication Rolex Replica watches. The Manufacture introduces the timepiece as a “world premiere”. What about the complication ? No detail is offered. Nonetheless, we have been told that it is not a traditional masculine complication which has been adapted to a ladies’ Fake Watches UK, but rather a “true feminine complication, very romantic and elegant…”



© Christophe Claret Replica Watches

Two technical informations have been added to the first picture of the Maestoso: traditional pivoted detent escapement, and constant force. No more will be unveiled before March 26th, the opening day of Baselworld fair. Wait and see…



© Christophe Claret

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