Baselworld 2014 : An interview with Luc Perramond, CEO, La Montre Hermès

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— “Our Replica Watches UK are characterised by innovation and singularity”. While the past few years have been devoted to the masculine side of things in the Hermès’ collections, this year the company is giving pride of place to women.

Luc Perramond, CEO de la Montre Hermès

Would you describe 2014 as being a year of change or rather one of continuity?

Overall, the values that we are continuing to develop are innovation and singularity. This year, we wanted to focus strongly on women. For the past five years, we have redeveloped the men’s Rolex Replica watches market to re-establish a certain balance. Today, we have reached a level of 60% ladies’ watches and 40% men’s. It was important to come back to talking to women.

The Arceau Millefiori line presents a new facet of artistic crafts. How do you manage to stand out from a somewhat crowded offer?

We actually don’t speak of artistic crafts at Hermès; we prefer the expression “Of Mastery and Time”. We are interested in approaching ancient craft techniques from an innovative angle. In this case, it is about promoting this wonderful technique performed by the craftsmen from the Crystalleries royales de Saint-Louis – which has belonged to Hermès for a long time – and which consists of finely cutting up coloured canes obtained by superimposing layers of crystal and enamel. We have managed to transpose the work performed in creating the famous paperweights onto a very thin layer composing the dial of the Arceau Millefiori and the lid of the l’Arceau Pocket Millefiori. Once again, we innovate by offering singular, unique things.


Arceau Millefiori, 34mm.
© Hermès

With the Dressage L’heure Masquée Replica Watches UK, you are continuing your journey into the realm of poetry and dreams. Will you continue to develop this theme?

We have been exploring this theme since 2009/2010. We wanted to create a territory that was exclusive to Hermès, which tells the story of our particular relationship with time. At Hermès, our starting point is that time is a friend. The heure masquée  or “Time Veiled” concept is all about innovation and singularity. Innovation because this watchmaking module was created from scratch. Singularity because this is about playing with time, interacting with the display of its steady flow. I think that we are currently the only ones to show time in this way.


Dressage L'Heure masquée Réf 040645WW00 DR5.870.221/MHA © Hermès

Dressage l’Heure Masquée: the mischievous hour hand remains hidden beneath the constantly moving minute hand, solely deigning to appear at a deliberate press on a crown-integrated pushbutton.
© Hermès

Is the new Faubourg watch part of a general return to small classical Rolex Replica watches for ladies?

We don’t try and follow trends; we prefer an offer-based approach which aims to create beautiful objects that are embedded in the company DNA. There is undoubtedly a return to a certain classicism, but it is not quite so strongly pronounced. And the Faubourg watch, which is a dainty and slender little evening watch, actually deliberately runs counter to what we are currently seeing on the market. Hermès’ strength lies in demonstrating its originality.

Amongst all these innovations, do you have a favourite?

They are all my babies so it is hard to judge. I would say that I am very happy with the result of the Millefiori models, which represents a fine performance In terms of both aesthetics and expertise. From an intellectual standpoint, Dressage L’heure masquée is particularly impressive. Finally, I would like to hail the arrival of the Cape Cod Nantucket, which spells the return of silver to Hermès with a new non-tarnishing alloy.



Cape Cod Nantuket Silver.
© Hermès Fake Watches UK

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