“At some point, we will reach the final frontiers of ultra-thin”

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Altiplano 900P © Piaget Replica Watches UK

In 2014, Piagetis celebrating its 140thanniversary, offering the perfect opportunity tolaunchnew products that are in perfect harmony with the brand’s identity. The line-up features ultra-thin watches, with record-breaking thinness for the Altiplano 38 mm 900P model, and delicate skeletonization and gem-setting on the automaticskeletonized and gem-set Piaget Emperador Coussin tourbillon. An interview.

It is with great pride that Piaget is unveiling its new products for 2014 at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH). Its Altiplano 38 mm 900P model is particularly striking, with a thickness of just 3.65mm including the case. This delicate attention to detail is made possible by the process of “eliminating” the main plate and machining the case back itself, thus allowing watchmakers to gain an extra few precious thousandths of millimeters.

The Holy Grail of watchmaking

“This watch is made in a very different way to other ultra-thin models currently on the market, or those that Piaget already has in its collection,” notes Philippe Leopold-Metzger, CEO of Piaget. “I believethat Piaget is the undisputed master of the ultra-thin watch. I’ve noticed that these days, the quest for the ultra-thinis gaining popularity among many brands, whether for automatic mechanical fake watches or for grandes complications.” It is true that other brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Patek Philippe also excel in this exercise in finesse. So how far will this quest for the Holy Grail take them? “At some point, we will reach the final frontiers of the ultra-thin, and these frontiers will be determined quite simply by watch functionality. We owe it to our clients to offer them Breitling Replica watches that run smoothly and have sufficient power reserves,” explains Piaget’s CEO.

Another major new release this year is the automatic skeletonized gem-set Piaget Emperador Coussin tourbillon, “a truly exceptional piece” according to Philippe Leopold-Metzger,because it belongs to both haute horlogerie and haute joaillerie. The timepiece provides Piaget withthe pleasure of yet another new record, as until now nobody has setultra-thin skeletonmovements with gemstones. “I am particularly fond of skeleton watches because they embody the spirit of Piaget’s art as a watchmaker and jeweler, the two parallel roots that lie at our very core,” he adds. “A brand should remain loyal to its roots—it’s impossible to be all things to all people!”

Another newcomer amongst the numerous references presented this year is the Limelight Blooming Rose. This concept watch allows the wearer to choose the how many of its fully diamond-pavedpetals to reveal thanks to a pivot systemaround the dial. Breathtaking.

An “egalitarian” brand

Until around fifteen years ago, Piaget was mainly perceived as a brand specializing in jewelry watches. Today, perceptions are clearly changing, as Piaget occupies a powerful position in both the men’s and women’s watch sectors. This success is primarily due to its dual role as both a watchmaker and jeweler, which is a source of immense pride to the Maison. “We can reassure clients that our Omega Replica watches are imagined, designed, developed and manufactured in-house, whether at Plan-les-Ouates for the Replica Watches itself or La Côte-aux-Fées for the movements. This is rare in our industry,”explains the CEO.

100 boutiques

Piaget’s anniversary will not go unnoticed, but the directorsdo not intend to overdothe celebrations either, “unlike some who celebrate their brand’sanniversary, then the anniversaries of one or other specific products.” Piaget currently boasts 91 boutiques across the globe, and intends to increase the figure to over 100 in the coming year, with two new flagship stores to be opened in Paris and Los Angeles.

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